Silver Fox Security Audits

The Silver Fox on site audit of contract security services has, for the past 15 years, been widely identified, by security companies, their clients and in house establishments, as the most desirable and cost effective on site audit available in the industry.

These unannounced penetration and customer service audits are carried out at any time during the day or night and the service is available throughout the United Kingdom.

In an industry where the hours are long and the wages low, it is inevitable that there will be periods of time when there is an inconsistent performance and complacency sets it. Yet, this will not be identified unless the operation is tested or an intrusion occurs, by which time it will be too late.

Find the gaps in your security provision and put it right. A Silver Fox Audit is thorough and straightforward, you will get instant feedback on what is working and what needs improving. You will never know how good your security is unless you put it to the test.

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